How to Put a Door on Hinges?

Answer Most doors in your home use butt hinges. When removing the door to make adjustments or for repainting, you typically pull out the hinge pins from the hinges. A butt hinge consists of two separate h... Read More »

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How to Put Hinges on a New Door?

Installing a new door will take time to accomplish due to the precise measuring that is required. A new door will make any room or entrance look like new, especially if it is being held by shiny h... Read More »

How do I put hinges on a new door?

Chisel the InsetPosition the door back-edge up. Set the hinge on the edge with one plate on the door and the other hanging off the side. Mark around the plate. Remove the hinge, and chisel out the ... Read More »

How to Lubricate Door Hinges?

Door hinges need lubrication now and then to ensure their smooth functioning on a continued basis, and no time is better than when they keep squeaking on you!

Do you need two people to put on door hinges?

You do not normally need two people to put on door hinges. If you are simply replacing the old hinges with new ones of the same size, leave the door on the hinges and replace one hinge at a time. H... Read More »