How to Put a Cube Root Into a Graphing Calculator?

Answer In a radical expression, the radicand is the number inside the radical, the index is the degree of the radical, such as "2" or "3", which would indicate a square or cube root, and the radical is th... Read More »

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How to Graph a Cube Root on a Calculator?

Calculators are a great way to quickly graph cube roots, or any other root for that matter. Keep in mind that a cube root is the same as raising a number to the 1/3 power. Knowing this makes it po... Read More »

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While the multitude of buttons may look daunting at first, TI calculators are actually quite easy to use. Follow these instructions for relatively basic operations with the calculator.

How to: TI-84 Graphing Calculator?

A TI-84 graphing calculator can do a lot more than just addition and subtraction. You can take complicated linear equations and graph them using a program installed on the calculator. The associate... Read More »

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