How to Put a Chain on a 2000 Honda Rebel 250?

Answer Although Honda's Rebel 250 is not an overpowered motorcycle, the sheer ease of riding the 250cc cruiser can rack up the miles rather quickly. Following regular maintenance routines, such as oil and... Read More »

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How to Lubricate the Chain on a Honda Rebel?

Lubrication of moving parts that experience metal on metal contact is an important part of the maintenance schedule on the Honda Rebel. The chain not only endures metal on metal contact, but it's a... Read More »

How to Replace the Chain on a Honda Rebel?

The Honda Rebel and most modern motorcycles use a drive chain that incorporates a master link to join the ends of the chain together, creating a seemingly endless loop. This allows the chain to be ... Read More »

How to Install a Timing Chain on a Honda Rebel Motorcycle?

The chain on a Honda Rebel is one piece, making it simple to replace. The design incorporates a master link that connects the two ends of the chain. Because the master link is removable, the chain ... Read More »

Does the Honda Rebel have an alternator?

Yes, the Honda Rebel motorcycle does indeed use an alternator as part of its electrical and charging system. The alternator's main job is to convert gasoline energy into electrical current. Replace... Read More »