How to Put a Car Battery in Boats?

Answer Installing a car battery in a boat is actually easy to do and is similar to replacing a battery in the car. However, marine batteries are designed differently from car batteries in that they are de... Read More »

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Who owns Sea Ray boats?

Sea Ray brand boats are made by the Sea Ray company. The company became part of the Brunswick Corporation in 1986. The Sea Ray company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of pleasure boats,... Read More »

Do boats need the CE mark?

American-made recreational boats only need the "CE" mark to prove that the boats comply with recreational craft rules of European Union countries or in the European Economic Area, which includes ov... Read More »

History of Car Boats?

Car boats, also known as "amphicars" or "boatmobiles," are vehicles designed to operate on land and in the water. They make for popular novelty spectacles as well as excellent, functional vehicles.

How to Get Rid of Odors in Boats?

Whether you have a sensitive nose or not, you'll still notice odors trapped in your boat. These odors are caused by cigarette smoke, body odor, fish, rotten food and many other things. The longer y... Read More »