How to Put a 401k Into an IRA?

Answer When you leave an employer, make sure to take the funds in your 401k with you. Once you leave a company, you are no longer able to make contributions into its 401k program. Moving your 401k balance... Read More »

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Can you rollover into a 401k?

The Internal Revenue Service allows money to be rolled into a 401k plan from another qualified retirement account such as another 401k plan or an IRA. However, check your 401k plan rules to make su... Read More »

How to Turn a 401k Into an Annuity?

Many companies allow employees to participate in 401k plans. When employees leave a company, they must decide what to do with funds invested in their 401k plans. Some companies require former emplo... Read More »

Can an IRA be rolled over into a 401k?

Internal Revenue Service rules permit traditional IRAs to roll over to a 401k plan. However, some 401k plans do not all those rollovers, so consult your 401k plan rules before attempting a rollove... Read More »

Can a 401k be rolled directly into a Roth?

A 401k plan can be rolled directly into a Roth IRA. However, you will have to include the amount of the rollover as part of your taxable income for the year because you are moving money from a tax-... Read More »