How to Put Your Music on Someone Else's CD?

Answer If you are a songwriter and another artist wants to record one of your songs, there are legal issues to consider. Before someone else can legally record your song, they must get a license and pay a... Read More »

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If you found out the hospital switched your baby with someone elses would you want to trade for yours back or?

Good question, I have thought about that, too. I decided that I want to keep the one I have and he is MY son regardless. This goes to show that it would be possible to love a child as much as you... Read More »

What would you do if your exgirlfriend who was sexually and emotionally abused started showing signs of needing mental help and is pregnant with someone elses kid in an attempt to escape her past?

Can you buy insurance on someone elses car?

Absolutely. Insurance companies are in the business to sell insurance but the insured will be the driver of the car. In other words, a person driving the car is the "insured driver" There could ac... Read More »

Can you take a eye out and put in someone elses eye.?

the question and answers just made my day