How to Put Your Hair up With Chopsticks?

Answer Putting up your hair with chopsticks is a popular and sassy style. This timeless look with a modern feel is fairly simple to achieve once you know the knack. This article explains how to put up you... Read More »

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How to Do Hair Ties With Chopsticks?

Wearing chopsticks to hold up your hair originated in Asian countries. This practice has been around for many years in cultures all over the world. The chopsticks are usually woven into the hair to... Read More »

How to Use Chopsticks to Style Hair?

When you have hair that is long enough to pull up, you are always looking for something new to use as a hair accessory. Using chopsticks to style your hair is quite fashionable and simple. The foll... Read More »

Do you know how to use Chopsticks?

Yes I have known for long time know. All three of my children know or are learnig my 8 year old down packed my four year old expert my 2 year old uses the trainer chopsticks.

How to Always Win Chopsticks?

Chopsticks is a commonly played two player traditional Japanese children's hand game. However, it has spread to many other countries such as the United States.Chopsticks is a solved game in which t... Read More »