How to Put Your Employment Portfolio Together?

Answer An employment portfolio includes documentations of noteworthy experiences, training, awards and special projects along with a resume. Assembling employment portfolios gives applicants a chance to h... Read More »

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What is an employment portfolio?

An employment portfolio is a collection of relevant information about a person, assembled for the purpose of showing to a potential employer. The individual items in the portfolio, called artifact... Read More »

How to Put Together a Child's Modeling Portfolio?

Your child's modeling portfolio is the key to showing booking agents that your child has what it takes to take great photographs. Without a portfolio, the agent cannot see what capabilities your ch... Read More »

How to Put Together an End of the Year Home School Portfolio?

If you homeschool your child, you need to create and maintain a portfolio of materials your child has used with her studies. These materials will serve as proof of the work and progress the child h... Read More »

How to Take a Headshot and Put Together a Portfolio for a Theatrical Audition?

So you think you want to be an actor and now you need an agent. Or sometimes if you go for an audition they will ask for this. All you need is a headshot (portrait) and a portfolio.