How to Put Words on Top of Pictures Using Microsoft Word?

Answer Images in word processing documents have long been associated with words, usually in caption form below the pictures. Take advantage of Microsoft Word's text-moving capability to place those words ... Read More »

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How to Cross out Words on Microsoft Word?

Do you need to create a list in Microsoft Word and want to tell your boss what items have already been completed? Or maybe, you need to just cross something out for some other reason? For either re... Read More »

How many words fit on a page in Microsoft Word?

The amount of words that can fit on a page in Microsoft Word depends on many variables. Variables include length of words, size of font, font type, line and paragraph spacing, size of margins and ... Read More »

How to Mirror Words on Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a popular word processing application, often used to make documents and letters. The application also has other features and effects that you can use to create publications such a... Read More »

How do I put an arrow between two words in Microsoft Word?

Automatic ArrowWrite two hyphens (i.e., "--") and then a pointed bracket that points toward the right (also known as a "greater than" sign; i.e., ">"). Microsoft Word will automatically transform t... Read More »