How to Put Weight on a Thoroughbred Horse?

Answer The thoroughbred breed of horse is the unfortunate target of many stereotypes, particularly if it is coming off the racetrack. One of those stereotypes is that thoroughbreds are "hard keepers" -- h... Read More »

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How to Sell a Thoroughbred Horse?

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How to Train to Become a Thoroughbred Horse Racing Jockey?

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How to Put Weight on a 30-Year-Old Horse?

With advances in veterinary medicine and natural horse care, it is not uncommon for horses to live well into their 30s. Caring for a 30-year-old horse offers a new set of challenges, particularly m... Read More »

Causes of Weight Loss in an Older Horse?

Significant weight loss in a senior horse usually indicates a serious health problem,. An older horse faces the same situations as senior humans. Older horses lose muscle tone as they age. The hors... Read More »