How to Put Water in a Coolant Tank?

Answer Breaking down on the side of a road due to an overheating engine is every driver's worst nightmare. While towing your car for repairs may seem like the only option, a quick short-term fix can get y... Read More »

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How to Empty a Coolant Tank?

If you pay close attention to a couple of safety issues, changing your own coolant is a breeze. You should never pay someone to perform this simple task. If you plan on refilling the radiator, be s... Read More »

How do I Change an Audi A4 Coolant Tank?

The Audi A4's coolant tank needs to be changed if it has a crack or leak and is no longer holding the fluid. Coolant lubricates the engine and keeps the radiator from overheating. When the tank doe... Read More »

How to Replace a Coolant Expansion Tank?

Historically, vehicles used overflow tanks to release pressure on overheated radiators. A thermostat activates at a preset temperature, allowing expanding coolant to overflow into a reservoir. Mode... Read More »

How to Use a Universal Coolant Recovery Tank?

As an auto engine heats up, it causes the engine coolant to expand and push out of the radiator, via the coolant expansion port. A coolant recovery tank, also known as a coolant expansion reservoir... Read More »