How to Put Velcro on Pockets?

Answer The uses of Velcro on clothing are far reaching. Since Velcro makes dressing and undressing as simple as possible, it is often a good idea to add Velcro to the clothes of children, the elderly or t... Read More »

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How to Attach Velcro to My Pockets Temporarily?

Velcro was created in the 1940s by George de Mestral. The hook and loop closure has revolutionized the way we quickly attach closures to crafts and pieces of clothing. Attaching Velcro to your pock... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Fat Pockets Under Your Eyes?

Fat pockets under the eyes can make a person appear constantly tired and several years older than he actually is. Two of the major factors that cause puffy eyes are genetics and fluid retention due... Read More »

Why did they put pockets on my pants?

They put pockets on your pants for you to put stuff in, even though you never will. Nothing is as useless as a baseball player's back pockets. He wears his uniform during a game and takes it off af... Read More »

Do you have sweaty pockets?

At this moment no, but I will once I have some of Drunk Wench's hot pockets.. Lol