How to Put Up Bedroom Hammocks?

Answer While many people hang hammocks outdoors to enjoy the warm summer weather, you can also hang them indoors. In fact, according to the Hammock Universe website, hammocks have been used as indoor beds... Read More »

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Are hammocks relaxing?

On One Hand: Hammocks Help People UnwindThe swaying motion of a hammock is very comforting and helps people unwind. They are common on beaches and at resorts, as well as in backyards. Take the prop... Read More »

Where are the hammocks in the Everglades located?

The Everglades National Park is an area of subtropical wetlands located in Florida in the United States and home to a diverse selection of wildlife. Hardwood hammocks are small areas of elevated la... Read More »

Which is more comfortable: quilted or traditional hammocks?

On One Hand: Quilted HammocksA quilted hammock is made of two layers of fabric separated by batting, and it feels like sleeping on a suspended blanket. Quilted hammocks are especially comfortable i... Read More »

Is it ok to have only 1 return air vent located in a downstairs bedroom of a 2 story condominium prob not so would it be ok to relocate it outside the bedroom in the entry hall AC thermostat is up?

Your question is two-fold: one to be answered by your board and another to be answered by an expert in HVAC matters. As to your condominium: before you install any air vent, it will be a good idea ... Read More »