How to Put Two Names on a Utility Bill?

Answer People put two names on a utility bill when both parties, such as roommates or business partners, share the responsibility for the bill or when a legal representative, such as a lawyer or caregiver... Read More »

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Is a telephone bill considered a utility bill?

As of May 2010, many states in the U.S. consider landline telephone bills as acceptable utility bills. Such bills may be used to establish proof of address in certain situations where proof of lega... Read More »

Is cable a utility bill?

Cable television is not a utility bill because it is not a public service under government regulation. Private companies offer cable to household wishing to pay for the variety of television servic... Read More »

Is a phone bill a utility?

Utility bills refer to gas, water, electricity and phone service. Sometimes phone bills are complicated to read because of various charges, fees and taxes, according to Oregon's Public Utility Comm... Read More »

Is council tax a utility bill?

Council tax is not a utility bill; it is a tax imposed on residents of all domestic properties in the United Kingdom to help pay for community services such as local police and garbage collection.R... Read More »