How to Put Transmission Fluid in a Nissan?

Answer Checking and adding transmission fluid to your Nissan is imperative, since it will help to add life to your transmission. You will need to consult your owner's manual for the correct type of fluid ... Read More »

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How to Put Transmission Fluid in a Nissan Titan?

Mechanics advise drivers to check their transmission fluid once a week and to have the fluid changed every 30,000 miles. Maintaining an adequate fluid level will give your truck its best performanc... Read More »

How to Put Transmission Fluid in a Nissan Armada?

If you look up the transmission fluid section of the Nissan Armada manual, you'll see that Nissan strongly suggests that you bring your car in for authorized service to check, add or change transmi... Read More »

What color is Nissan transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid for all vehicles, including Nissans, is a form of hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid in modern automobiles is dyed red so it can be easily identified. The red color allows drivers ... Read More »

How to Change the Transmission Fluid in a 2005 Nissan Maxima?

The 2005 Nissan Maxima requires a drain and fill process for changing the transmission fluid. Nissan also requires a special type of automatic transmission. The transmission fluid circulates throug... Read More »