How to Put Together a Marine Belt Buckle?

Answer The United States Marine Corps dress uniform includes several different components, such as the long-sleeved coat, service covers, socks, shoes, trousers, a shirt and a belt. The belt comes as a ki... Read More »

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How to Put a Belt Buckle on?

Belt buckles can make instant fashion statements. You can find different style belt buckles in novelty stores, in specialty stores and at flea markets. Belt buckles modeled to a particular interest... Read More »

How do you center the buckle on marine dress blues?

How to Weld a Belt Buckle?

Belt buckle designers use stainless steel as the frame of the design and then brush the buckle with brass, silver or gold overlay. Stainless steel is plain carbon steel. Plain carbon steel consists... Read More »

How to Put a Scuba BCD Belt Through the Buckle?

When scuba diving a common problem is a tank slipping down out of the tank band during the dive, mostly because the tank band is put wrongly or not complete into the buckle. Many people still strug... Read More »