How to Put Time Back on the LG enV Touch Screen?

Answer The LG enV Touch phone, with flip-up screen and four-line QWERTY keypad, has a wide array of options including a clock that shows the time on the Home screen. Whether you accidentally or purposely ... Read More »

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What do you do if the applications on an ipod touch don't work you touch the app it goes to the app screen as if it were loading and then it goes back to the home screen.?

OK. So first.... yoou probably have jailbroken your ipod touch/iphone. I know how it feels... It happened to me before too. But anyhow, the only way to make it work is to go to itunes and restore y... Read More »

When was the last time you sat on your touch screen device and cracked the screen?

What do you do if your iPod touch does not go back to your home screen?

Wait and if it still doesn't work then turn it off. Or if it's completely frozen you can put it into recovery mode by pressing the power button for three seconds ane holding both buttons for ten se... Read More »

Wat is a good fone that has a touch screen and has a keyboard at the same time?

LG Voyager. Pimpin', trust me. I have it. It has a touch screen with is activated by vibration rather than heat, making it a faster more interactive touch screen, and flips open and has a wide keyp... Read More »