How to Put Shells or Beads Into Dreadlocks?

Answer If you are looking to add some color and style to your dreadlocks, consider adding a few pieces of jewelry. The possibilities for hair jewelry are endless and you can use your imagination to add ob... Read More »

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How to Put Beads in Dreadlocks?

Adding beads is one way of decorating your dreadlocks. Specialized dreadlock beads can be purchased online at websites such as They can also generally be found in stores that special... Read More »

How to Put Hair Wraps and Beads on Dreadlocks?

Locking your hair into dreads is an investment in time and energy that you may not be ready to undo. Dyeing is risky, as hair chemicals can get stuck inside the dreadlocks and damage your hair. To ... Read More »

How to Braid Dreadlocks Into Cornrolls?

Have you ever wonder how that hair style was accomplished? This article will inform you on how to braid dreads into corn rolls.

How to Turn Pecan Shells Into Mulch?

Using organic waste as mulch is an environmentally friendly and cost-saving way to produce healthier plants. A few inches of mulch can suppress weeds, making pesticides unnecessary. Mulch also hold... Read More »