How to Put Ringtones on an i930?

Answer The Motorola i930 is a clamshell phone that features the Windows Mobile OS, it supports global roaming on GSM networks and a camera. It also offers a video camera, speakerphone and MSN Messenger. I... Read More »

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Can any SIM card be used in an i930 phone?

You cannot use any SIM card in the Motorola i930 Windows Mobile smartphone. The i930 uses Nextel's Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) wireless standard, which is not compatible with SIM car... Read More »

Can you text on an i930 with a Boost SIM card?

Yes, it is possible to text on a Motorola i930 equipped with a Boost Mobile SIM card. However, like other Boost devices, text messages must be sent as media messages via the "Messaging" menu on the... Read More »

Blackberry Ringtones- Can someone PLEASE tell me an EASY way to download songs and use them as ringtones to BB?

convert the song to ringtone mp3 to 30 seconds format by right-clicking it in itunes and selecting "convert selection to mp3" from the popup menu. itunes will make a copy of the song and you'll see... Read More »

How to get ringtones on a moto q?

you ask "how". do you mean you are asking for the steps to have them or where to have them? if what you really mean is "where", then here is where you go.