How to Put Ringers on the LG Lotus Elite Phone?

Answer The LG Lotus Elite is a mobile phone offered by Sprint. The device is known for its unique design and "one click" user interface. Aside from its many features, the Lotus phone allows users to custo... Read More »

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Can you get the LG Lotus phone for Verizon?

Currently, the LG Lotus line of mobile phones is only for customers on the Sprint network. The LG Lotus line has two models: the Lotus Elite LX610, which is available in black, and the Lotus LX600,... Read More »

How to Use Classroom Bell Ringers?

Bell ringers are a way to start the day in the elementary school classroom. Bell ringers are a short five minute activity revolving around a question from the previous day's learning objectives. B... Read More »

Name 2 presenters of bbc's dead ringers?

I'm not entirely sure about this one. So to be safe, I'd email the BBC and ask them.That'll be the best way.Good answer. The BBC often provides material as long as you give them the credit for it

How to Assign Ringers for the LG Rumor Touch With Virgin Mobile?

As a Virgin Mobile LG Rumor Touch user, you can assign ringers for incoming calls to your mobile phone. Ringers, or ringtones, are preloaded on your mobile phone. You can also download ringers to y... Read More »