How to Put Pictures on a Brochure on Microsoft Word?

Answer While email inboxes may be filling up with questionable electronic sales pitches, offering a hard-copy way to promote a product or advertise services hasn't entirely fallen by the wayside. Software... Read More »

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How do you put a brochure from microsoft publisher to microsoft word?

You can't transfer I don't think, but you could try on publisher pressing crtl+a, then crtl +c, then onto the transfer press ctrl + v. Just use a flashdrive, and bring it to your school?

How can you do a brochure on Microsoft Word?

There is no possible way to do this. You need to upgrade to Microsoft Word 2007 to make a brochure. Answer If you can set up columns you can make a brochure on any word processing program. Simply s... Read More »

How do you use Microsoft Word brochure?

Are you referring to the template that ships with Word? It contains some instructions, but you're pretty much on your own. At least it does use column formatting rather than text boxes... Read More »

How to Make a Brochure in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a very handy word processing application, but it can do a lot more than just type letters and reports. Microsoft Word has several other available easy-to-use and helpful templates... Read More »