How to Put Pictures on Flicker?

Answer Flickr is an on-line photo album that allows account holders to upload photos and videos, organize them into various albums, and share them across the web. Flickr has functions that allow you to ma... Read More »

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Who makes flicker free 3D tvs Are Samsung 3D tvs flicker free?

Any 3D television bought today should be flicker free including Samsung. The best way to find out is to experience a range of brands and models. Believe your eyes rather than the LG claim that all ... Read More »

Is 3d tv has flicker?

Well friend, not all 3D tv has flicker problem. only the 3d tv which is using old 3D technology(SG).

Do LED lights flicker?

Unlike other types of light, light-emitting diodes (LED) lights do not flicker during use. LED lights are composed of semi-conductor diodes that produce light when an electrical current passes thro... Read More »

How flicker occurs in 3D TV?

Flicker occurs when the right & left images are out of sync with the glasses. When the glasses are properly synchronized, there is no noticeable flicker.