How to Put Oil in a Floor Jack?

Answer A properly functioning floor jack is an essential part of any auto shop. From the dealership garage to the guy who does all his own maintenance, floor jacks allow you to lift the vehicle off the gr... Read More »

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How to Convert Your Floor Jack Into a Transmission Jack?

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when dropping a transmission is working with its weight. A floor jack provides considerable flexibility by holding the transmission in place while you're wo... Read More »

How to Use a Floor Jack to Jack a Truck?

Trucks are built to ride higher than cars because of their ability to carry heavy loads. Due to the distance between the ground and the base of the truck frame and the weight of your vehicle, it is... Read More »

How to Jack Up a Car With a Floor Jack?

Raising a car with a floor jack is necessary to perform various repairs underneath the vehicle as well as to gain easier access to underbody points. Care should be taken when lifting a vehicle with... Read More »

How to Use a Floor Jack?

If you need to change a tire or check the undercarriage of your car, use a floor jack to raise one end of the car off the ground. Floor jacks use hydraulics to lift the car and are easier to handle... Read More »