How to Put My Meez VIP Card on Meez?

Answer Meez is a social networking virtual reality-themed website where teens and other users can create and design three-dimensional avatars, socialize in virtual hangout spots and participate in gaming ... Read More »

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How to Levitate on "Meez"?

In the chat and game world of "Meez," you can make your Meez, or 3D avatar, change its pose and actions to fit your mood or the atmosphere of the Hoodz hangout, room or other chill spot area you vi... Read More »

How Do You Get to Level Two on Meez?

"Meez" is an avatar-based, social networking site. Users can create their own avatar and participate in mini-games with friends. Although the main game has no leveling capabilities, you can level u... Read More »

How to Get on the Top Meez List?

Meez is a virtual reality-themed social networking site where teens can create and design Meez avatars and socialize in virtual hangouts and communities. Meez features a top Meez list that displays... Read More »

How to Get Unbanned on "Meez"?

Teens can interact with friends and other community members through participating in gaming contests, creating avatars and socializing in virtual communities through the "Meez" social networking si... Read More »