How to Put My Meez VIP Card on Meez?

Answer Meez is a social networking virtual reality-themed website where teens and other users can create and design three-dimensional avatars, socialize in virtual hangout spots and participate in gaming ... Read More »

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How to Become Known on Meez?

A player talking with a is a very popular virtual world website. It's fun to meet up with your current friends and make new ones. But if you feel you just aren't known enough on me... Read More »

What are some actions and how do I do them?

There's rofl, dance, lol, ommm, xxx, hello, kyle, wtf, zzzz, *rap* (with the asterisk), :(, :), omg, *spin*, *Vogue*, yay, *rockout*, shutup . To do the actions, just stand somewhere and type in th... Read More »

How to Glitch Your Meez?

This is how to glitch your Meez Avatar. This works for hair, clothing, and animations.

How to Get on the Top Meez List?

Meez is a virtual reality-themed social networking site where teens can create and design Meez avatars and socialize in virtual hangouts and communities. Meez features a top Meez list that displays... Read More »