How to Put Music on the LG Dare?

Answer Music saved on your computer is transferable to your LG Dare mobile phone. The LG Dare features a built-in MP3 media player capable of playing MP3 and WAV files. Putting music on your phone gives y... Read More »

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How to Transfer Music From Your PC to a LG Dare?

If you own an LG Dare mobile phone and you want to use its audio playback feature, you'll need to learn how to transfer music from your PC to your LG Dare. When you add MP3, WMA or AAC audio files ... Read More »

Can I use my music as ringtones on my LG Dare?

The LG Dare cell phone by Verizon supports the MP3 format of music which can be set as a ringtone. The phone comes standard with the ability to play polyphonic ringtones which simulates the sound o... Read More »

Can I put music in my LG DARE using ITUNES or something else other then Rhapsody HELP!!?

Yes you can. First connect your phone to the computer. Then when it connects hit the "CLEAR" key, thats the center button on the bottom middle of your cell phone. Hit it until you see your wallpape... Read More »

Moving music from itunes library to Dare by LG -verizon?

This is a link to the user guide for this phone. good luck…