How to Put Music on Your iTunes From Your iPod Touch?

Answer You can share your iTunes account with up to five different computers and an unlimited number of Apple iOS devices --- such as the iPod touch --- and allow all authorized users to exchange download... Read More »

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What do you do if your iPod touch doesn't sync music from iTunes?

If it doesnt automatically sync then you go to where the name of your ipod has popped up on the side, and click on it. Then you just have to go down to the bottom of the page and click sync! Oh yea... Read More »

How to Copy Music from Your iPod to Your iTunes Library?

More often than not it's our music collection on computer are not 100% safe. In case a severe hard drive failure on your computer (so you'll lost all your CD ripped and downloaded songs), you'd bet... Read More »

Can you hook up your iPod to your ipad2 and buy music from iTunes?

probably some how i cant see a lead on the market that will allow u to maybe by wifi

How do you transfer songs from your iTunes music library onto your iPod mini?

make sure that the device is plugged in so it shows in your tool bar on the left the 'device' option. after that click on it and at the very bottom there will be a thing that says automatically fil... Read More »