How to Put Music on Your iPod Through Other iPods From iTunes?

Answer You can download music onto your iPod through iTunes, other media applications and through the iPod itself. If you have friends or family members with music on their iPods that you want to download... Read More »

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How do people who don't have iTunes and iPods download music into their mp3 players?

Yes they use Windows Media Players. Windows Media Player is like iTunes for MP3s.

I just downloaded iTunes onto my new laptop. how do i sync the music from my iPod to iTunes?

When you connect iPod to a new iTunes or a new computer, you need to authorize your iPod to it, then you can follow this guide that helped me before to transfer files from iPod to computerhttp://ip... Read More »

How do you Get music on your ipod without iTunes and without downloading iTunes?

You can put songs on your ipod with other programs that are 100% free. Examples: Imesh, Bearshare, and Mediamonkey. Note: Imesh Bearshare and mediamonkey are peer to peer sharing sites who's user... Read More »

How do you download iTunes music from laptop to nano ipod not FROM ipod to laptop or iTunes?

if you have downloaded the itunes back. you have convert the itunes to the format ipod nano supported.