How to Put Drill Bits in a Hole Through the Wall Board?

Answer Wall board has several names and comes in many types, including drywall, plasterboard, green board and cement board. All require the use of the same technique to drill through it, but the type of d... Read More »

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How to Drill a Hole Through a Concrete Wall?

Concrete is among the most commonly used wall building materials in modern construction, and can be applied in just about any situation. While concrete may seem like an impervious material once it ... Read More »

What kind of drill bits should I get to drill through concrete?

You'll need a masonry bit (you can find them in the tool corral of Home Depot or in the fastener section where they have the concrete anchors). The tip of the bit looks like a pointed spade made of... Read More »

Do I need a special drill bit to drill through wall tiles?

Yes, two types of drill bits are designed to drill through wall tiles. For small holes in ceramic or natural stone tile, you need a masonry drill bit. When drilling large holes in ceramic or natur... Read More »

How do I drill a hole in my wall without making it too big?

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