How to Put Designs on a Cowboy Spur?

Answer A pair of old cowboy spurs is an iconic image of the Old West, where lawlessness often reigned and horses were a vital means of transportation. While cowboy spurs aren't used in many situations in ... Read More »

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How to Install a Spur?

When properly used, artificial aids like riding crops and spurs serve as extensions of the natural aids from your arms and legs. Wearing spurs allows you to give more subtle cues to your horse, and... Read More »

How to Fit Spur Straps?

While boot spurs can be the perfect tool for giving subtle cues to your horse, they must be held securely in place to work properly. Some spurs will simply slip on to the boot, but most will requir... Read More »

Anbandoned Spur Lines?

Switches require maintenance and are a source of a potential derailment and are usually removed when the trackage is abandoned.Spurs are either taken up or, just as you suggested, are paved over. ... Read More »

How to Attach Spur Straps?

Attaching straps to cowboy spurs is a simple process. Most straps and spurs come with attachment points that are easy to find and attach. The hardest part about attaching the straps is ensuring the... Read More »