How to Put Coolant in a Car?

Answer Part of owning a car is maintaining it so it continues to run. Whether you're adding coolant as a proactive measure to avoid engine troubles, or you have found your car overheating due to lack of a... Read More »

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What does low coolant mean?

When the low coolant light appears on your car’s dashboard, it means the coolant level in the overflow bottle is too low. Add a quart or two of coolant to the bottle, not the radiator, to solve t... Read More »

How to Mix Car Coolant?

On its own, coolant helps your car flush built-up heat out of its radiator to prevent your car from overheating. However, if you mix coolant with water in the proper ratio, you can also reap the be... Read More »

How to Top Off Engine Coolant?

Engine coolant is what keeps your car engine from overheating. But by nature, it gets very hot and can evaporate through use. Thus, you will need to periodically check and top it off.

What Does Leaking Coolant Mean?

Coolant, also called antifreeze, is the fluid in your car that absorbs engine heat and transfers it to the radiator. Leaking coolant means that coolant is seeping out of the cooling system into oth... Read More »