How to Put Brake Fluid in a Dodge Caravan?

Answer If you've replaced any brake components in your Dodge Caravan and want to top off the master cylinder with brake fluid, you will notice that its location is a bit peculiar. Mounted to the fire wall... Read More »

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How to Add Transmission Fluid to a Dodge Caravan?

Checking and adding transmission fluid can be a very important part of your car's maintenance regime. Keeping it topped off and making sure it is not dirty can keep your transmission running for l... Read More »

How to Add Transmission Fluid to a '97 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Transmission fluid keeps your 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan in working order by providing lubrication to the part. In order to see if your van has enough fluid, check the two lines located on the dipsti... Read More »

How Often Should You Change the Transmission Fluid on a 94 Dodge Caravan?

The TE12FUA is part of Snap-on's Torqometer line of torque wrenches. It's important to learn a torque wrench's specifications so you will know whether the tool is applicable to the job at hand. An ... Read More »

What Causes a Transmission Fluid Leak in a Dodge Caravan?

When new, a Dodge Caravan transmission should not leak. However, all mechanical parts eventually wear out, and the transmission in a Doge Caravan is no different. Coolant-line fittings may come loo... Read More »