How to Put Air in Liquid Calcium-Filled Tractor Tires?

Answer In the warm summer months, it's not uncommon for farmers to fill their rear tractor tires one-third of the way with a liquid calcium mixture in order to give the tires more down force to promote tr... Read More »

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Problems With Calcium-Loaded Tractor Tires?

Calcium chloride mixed with water was traditionally used for ballasting tractor tires because the calcium chloride keeps the water from freezing. Tire size and percentage of calcium chloride to wat... Read More »

How to Service Liquid-filled Tires?

Liquid-filled tires have increased traction, reducing tire spin when pulling heavy farm implements like heavy disks or plows. Yesterdays' Tractor Magazine notes that fluid-filled tires increase the... Read More »

How to Liquid Fill Tractor Tires?

Tractor tires are filled with liquid to make them heavier to give the vehicle better traction to do its work. Putting the liquid into the tire is not difficult, but can be time consuming. If you do... Read More »

Tools to Add Liquid Ballast to Tractor Tires?

Liquid ballast has been used in tractor tires for decades. Ballasting saves fuel and prevents slipping by increasing traction. Ballasting tractor tires improves stability, traction and occupational... Read More »