How to Purchase a Car With Outstanding Financing?

Answer When a car for sale has outstanding financing, that means the current owner has not fully repaid the loan he took out to buy the car. The lender has a lien on the car title, meaning that the lender... Read More »

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How to Check for Outstanding Financing on a Car?

You cannot legally complete the purchase of an automobile if the car is still financed--unless you pay off the lien holder as well as the seller of the car. Liens are placed on a car when it is fin... Read More »

How to Purchase a Business With 100 Percent Financing?

You can invest in a company in two ways: debt or equity. You can either lend money with the expectation of repayment or you can buy equity which has no expectation of repayment. With equity, howeve... Read More »

What Does Owner Financing Typically Involve for the Purchase of Raw Land?

Although owner financing is typically less common than debt underwritten by a financial institution, it nevertheless plays a major role in the investment real estate market. One of its most prevale... Read More »

How to Deal With an Outstanding Warrant?

Having an outstanding warrant creates unnecessary daily stress. Even getting stopped for a minor traffic offense can land you in jail. You may also be unable to renew your driver’s license or obt... Read More »