How to Punctuate Titles in Essays?

Answer Punctuating titles in essays is sometimes a challenging task. There are various rules to follow and are based on what type of title you want to punctuate. Generally, all titles must be capitalized ... Read More »

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How to Punctuate Titles?

When a student or anyone else engages with literature or other artistic works, a common challenge can come up: providing the right punctuation for the title of a book, play or other work of literat... Read More »

How to Punctuate Organization Titles?

Properly punctuating organization titles shows respect to the individuals about whom you are writing. The term "organization titles," can refer to both the titles of particular individuals at an or... Read More »

What Song Titles Would Make Great Movie Titles?

Cool and creative question question :0Horror: * Time of Dying - By Three Days Grace* Let the Bodies hit the floor - By Drowning pool* Escape - Our Last Night* In the belly of a shark - Gallows* Rai... Read More »

How to Punctuate Dialogue?

Do you ever have trouble punctuating dialogue? Comma or period? Inside or outside the quotation marks? This article will help you.