How to Pump Excess Water From a Garage or Driveway?

Answer Excessive water builds up in a garage or driveway if there isn't sufficient drainage in the area to remove it coupled with an incline that causes the water to pool. While the long-term solution is ... Read More »

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How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete Driveway and Garage?

Nothing is quite as frustrating as pulling your car out of the driveway and noticing a big oil stain right where you were parked. Not only are you looking at car repairs, you have an unsightly stai... Read More »

Is the driveway of a townhouse garage common property of a condominium?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the driveway. If you have exclusive use of it, it may be limited common area.If others also use the same driveway, it may be common area.However,... Read More »

What is the worst case scenario if you're about to close on a foreclosure with water stains and mold on the garage ceiling and a bathroom is above the garage on this house built in 1968?

Answer I would think the bathroom has leaked....alot of pipes to a bath, could be any of them. At least you know, now you can fix the problem, and use Kilz to paint with it does cover mold and mild... Read More »

My pug has begun drinking excess water?

must take her for annual visits to the doctor just like you would yourself for health check up!! I do know of some dog foods and cat foods that have almost or have destroyed loved pets. My friend's... Read More »