How to Pull a Starter on a 2003 KIA Rio?

Answer The starter on the 2003 Kia Rio sits near the frame rail on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Access to the starter for removal is from under the vehicle. The upper intake manifold support bracke... Read More »

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How to Put in the Spring on a Pull Starter?

In a pull start system the spring provides tension necessary to return the rope into its original position once extended during the starting process. The spring is coiled within a housing where it ... Read More »

How to Pull Out the Starter on a Mazda Mach 7?

The electric starter on your Mazda Mach 7 engages the flywheel to crank your engine. The starter works in conjunction with the ignition switch and the battery. The small motor can wear out over tim... Read More »

How to Fix a Murray Lawn Mower Pull Starter?

Murray is a popular brand of lawn mowers, using gasoline-powered engines. Most of the small engines on Murray lawn mowers are started with a rope pull starter. Over time, particularly if the engine... Read More »

How to Install a Pull Rope on a Recoil Starter?

An outboard motor's recoil starter uses springs and rope to start the motor if there's no electric starter or if the electric starter becomes inoperative. The springs are large and, when coiled and... Read More »