How to Pull a Standard Transmission?

Answer After the engine, the transmission is the heaviest piece of equipment in your vehicle. Still, if you approach the repair job methodically, you can pull a standard transmission from the vehicle righ... Read More »

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How to Drive a Standard Transmission Four Wheeler?

Four-wheelers (aka quads or ATVs) are built much like their two-wheeled dirtbike and motorcycle cousins, so all the same basic operating principles apply. Many ATVs have old-style manual transmissi... Read More »

How to Check the Fluid in a Standard Transmission?

The transmission fluid in both a manual and an automatic transmission has the same purpose: to lubricate and cool the parts inside the transmission. Transmission fluid breaks down over time and wil... Read More »

Is a flywheel for an automatic the same for standard transmission?

Automatic transmissions use a flex plate, while standard transmissions use a flywheel. A flywheel is heavier than a flex plate, due to the lack of a torque converter, which uses its own weight iner... Read More »

How to Remove a Standard Transmission From a 98 Chevy S-10?

The manual transmission of the 1998 Chevy S-10 uses energy from the engine and allows you to convert it into usable power. The transmission uses gearing to step up the output of the engine, and all... Read More »