How to Pull a One Night Stand With a Woman (Woman's Perspective)?

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How to Pull a One Night Stand With Women?

Having a One Night Stand with women is an art form in itself. To do it well, you've got to keep in mind certain attitudes, strategies, and techniques. In this article we've got a complete breakdown... Read More »

If one year after a one night stand the paternity test results come out what can the woman do to protect full custody of her child if the man lives out of state?

Answer Where the involved parties live is usually not relevant when it pertains to custodial rights. The biological father has a legal right after paternity is established, to file a petition for e... Read More »

How do you pull in a woman in a bar or nightclub?

Did I pull a muscle Should I just take it easy all night?

Goodness me, I'm not surprised that you have a dull ache after walking 10 miles per day. You could have pulled a muscle,so yes, you should take some painkillers and rest. If the pain doesn't disapp... Read More »