How to Pull Out Blackheads?

Answer Blackheads happen when oil mixes with dead skin cells to clog the pores in your skin. Blackheads are common, but that doesn't make them any less annoying. Luckily, many products are designed to eli... Read More »

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Did I pull a muscle Or did I almost pull one?

Yeah you probably mildly pulled it. If you can walk and jump and everything, you'll probably be fine within a week. If it hurts, take pain relievers. Take it easy with the stretches for awhile and ... Read More »


This works, you have buy 3 things. Ill explain as I go. 1st wash your face in warm to hot water. Then you apply a blackhead scrub. (U can get these items at Wal-Mart or about any large drug sto... Read More »

HELP PLEASE, what are blackheads?

Blackheads are a combination of oils, sebum and cellular fragments that produce firm to hard plugs within hair follicles. Blackheads are open to the skin's surface and become darkened at the surfa... Read More »


My mom told me a few years ago the only way to get rid of black heads is to pop them ; so that is what I do & I just use clean&clear black head stuff . works for me ; good luck .