How to Prune an Indoor Yucca Plant?

Answer Species such as the spineless yucca, or Yucca elephantipes, are often cultivated as indoor trees for their graceful shape and low-maintenance growing needs. All indoor yuccas, however, require occa... Read More »

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How do you prune a yucca plant?

When your yucca plant becomes too tall for the space, it is in, gently remove it from the pot. Determine where the halfway mark is on the trunk or a point where you wish to be pruning a yucca that ... Read More »

How do I prune an indoor bamboo plant?

Clip unwanted or withering culms (stems of the bamboo grass) at the soil level with a sharp set of hand shears. Cut off any yellowing or brown leaves or branches. Prune for the height of the bamboo... Read More »

What Are the Yucca Moth & the Yucca Plant?

The yucca moth and the yucca plant rely on each other for survival. They have a mutually beneficial relationship similar to many other insects and plants, like bees with various flowers. In the cas... Read More »

How to Prune a Red Yucca?

Red yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora) is a grass-like ornamental often grown as an accent plant in the home landscape. Despite what its name suggests, Red yucca is not a true yucca. But like yucca, it ... Read More »