How to Prune a Tree Near a Sprinkler System?

Answer Sprinkler systems provide much needed water for trees. The roots of trees are usually close to the soil surface and spread out in a wide diameter, up to 20 feet from the trunk of the tree. The wate... Read More »

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How and when do you prune a prunus padus tree commonly known as a bird cherry tree.?

Sprinkler System Does Not Pop up?

Sprinklers rely on water pressure to raise and lower the spray nozzle inside the sprinkler assembly. A number of reasons account for why the sprayer may become stuck. Troubleshoot these units on a ... Read More »

How to Prime a Sprinkler System?

Once you install a lawn sprinkler system, you must prime the pump. Every so often, a sprinkler system will lose its prime. This means air entered the pump and the system lost suction. Pumps lose... Read More »

How to Run a Sprinkler System Under Concrete?

Laying out a sprinkler system after the house has been built presents some challenges, including how to run the sprinkler lines under concrete paths, sidewalks or driveways. To do this, you must tu... Read More »