How to Prune a Spiny Greek Juniper?

Answer Junipers are ornamental shrubs that range in size from small low-lying shrubs to medium-sized trees. They can accent garden beds and architectural features in your outdoor space. Spiny Greek junipe... Read More »

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How do I prune juniper topiary?

Late SpringWait until late spring, then take a pair of secateurs or shears and prune new shoots on your juniper topiary that are at least 3 to 4 inches in length. You need to wait until late spring... Read More »

How to Feed a Spiny Lobster?

Caribbean spiny lobsters, like their relatives, the Chinese, Australian and California spiny lobsters lack large pinchers and rely on the spines that cover their shell for protection. These attract... Read More »

What do spiny softshell turtles eat?

Spiny softshell turtles (Apalone spinifera spinifera) are carnivores that eat small aquatic animals. Aquatic insects, tadpoles, crayfish and the occasional small fish make up the bulk of the spiny ... Read More »

Where does the spiny lobster live?

The habitat of the Caribbean spiny lobster includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Carribbean Sea and the subtropical and tropical Atlantic Ocean. Adult spiny lobsters live on hard-bottomed areas like off... Read More »