How to Prune a Potted Rose Bush?

Answer A potted rose bush thrives with proper care and attention. Regular pruning encourages new growth and keeps your potted rose bush healthy. Pruning a potted rose at the right time is important to avo... Read More »

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I just got a small potted rose bush for v-day. how can i successfully care for it?

Hello,Try to find a larger pot if you must keep it inside. The best is to plant it in a flower bed outside. To keep it blooming and the leaves healthy purchase rose food at Walmart or Kmart. If out... Read More »

How do you prune a rose bush?

This is June, right? Sometime last year, I asked the same question and got an answer. Here's what I can recall:-- The best time to prune your rose bush is in the fall (Nov-Dec). Trim all the old ... Read More »

How do you prune a rose bush in winter?

The ideal time for pruning rose bushes is in the winter. Pruning can be done at other times of the year but winter pruning produces the best results. Winter pruning of rose bushes is intimidating t... Read More »

How to prune standard rose bush?

All good advice,quoting an expert.One or two points.Granted this season is late,but growth buds are quite advanced.It will be difficult to find a dormant bud,suggest checking if the growth has been... Read More »