How to Prune a Pachira Stump?

Answer Pachira trees occur naturally in the tropical wetlands of Central and South America and are widely cultivated as indoor ornamental plants for their attractive foliage. Commonly called money trees, ... Read More »

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My Pachira Macrocarpa Has Yellow Leaves?

The Pachira macrocarpa, commonly known as a money tree, is suitable for growing indoors, either as a midsize-to-large houseplant or as a bonsai tree. These attractive trees add a natural touch t... Read More »

Pachira Money Tree Lifecycle?

Pachira aquatica, commonly known as money tree, malabar chestnut or water chestnut, is a tropical tree native to Central and South America. It is a member of the botanical family Bombacaceae, along... Read More »

Are braided pachira only indoor plants?

A braided pachira, often referred to as a fortune or money tree, is typically an indoor plant. However, it will grow outside as long as it isn't subjected to prolonged freezing temperatures. It can... Read More »

How to Stump Grind?

When trees are cut back or down, stumps remain. If the stump is too high, it might not look good, or might be a hazard. Grind down the stumps of homes with this problem. It might be a good business... Read More »