How to Prune a Japanese Black Pine Bonsai?

Answer The Japanese black pine bonsai is a strong and hardy pine with a fairly rapid growth rate, requiring good air circulation and plenty of full sunlight for successful growth. Grown in flushes, the ne... Read More »

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How to Grow Black Pine Bonsai Trees?

A versatile, hardy plant, the black pine tree makes an ideal bonsai tree. Native to Japan, the black pine does best in cool climates. Slow growing, the black pine requires a lot of patience since i... Read More »

Japanese Black Pine Water Requirements?

Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergiana) is an often-planted ornamental tree appreciated for its irregular pyramidal shape. A versatile and easy-to-grow plant, Japanese black pine will grow in many... Read More »

Can a Norfolk Island Pine be used as a bonsai plant?

Yes, it can, and fairly easily, too! It is a relatively slow-grower, though, and patience is an absolute must. Be certain to not overwater, and use a well-draining soil-mix to help that aspect; sog... Read More »

Types of Japanese Bonsai?

Bonsai is a popular gardening hobby, as well as a means of achieving a peaceful state known as zen. The act of bonsai involves the careful nurturing and pruning of a miniature tree, and watching it... Read More »