How to Prune Vs. Tying?

Answer Pruning is a method of plant maintenance that controls growth and production, while tying is a method of training and shaping a plant. Both methods are common techniques for growing climbing plants... Read More »

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How do I use fly-tying tools?

Fly-tying tools come in a wide range of designs and prices. Each tool is necessary for the complete job of tying flies. One fly pattern may not require a certain tool while a different pattern will... Read More »

DIY Fly Tying Bench?

Fly tying benches provide a convenient work surface and station that typically hold a fly tying vise and the assorted other materials including tools, hooks, feathers, thread and yarn used to tie f... Read More »

What does tying the knot mean for a couple?

Knots Used for Tying Horses?

A horse needs to be tied up for a range of different reasons, for example grooming or when being tacked up or handled. They should also be tied for their own safety when being trailered. Every ho... Read More »