How to Prune Vs. Tying?

Answer Pruning is a method of plant maintenance that controls growth and production, while tying is a method of training and shaping a plant. Both methods are common techniques for growing climbing plants... Read More »

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DIY Fly Tying Bench?

Fly tying benches provide a convenient work surface and station that typically hold a fly tying vise and the assorted other materials including tools, hooks, feathers, thread and yarn used to tie f... Read More »

How do I use fly-tying tools?

Fly-tying tools come in a wide range of designs and prices. Each tool is necessary for the complete job of tying flies. One fly pattern may not require a certain tool while a different pattern will... Read More »

Neckerchief-Tying Instructions?

A neckerchief is essentially a square handkerchief that is neatly rolled so that it can be worn around the neck and tied. More commonly worn around the turn of the century, neckerchiefs are no long... Read More »

Ideas for Tying a Scarf?

A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories. Scarves are worn around the neck, over the shoulders, on the head or even as a waist sash. Scarves do not have to be the thick, woolly lengths of f... Read More »