How to Prune Mexican Petunias?

Answer Pruning is about much more than simply cutting leaves and stems off a plant; it's about what happens after you make your cuts. When the tip of a stem is cut, a phenomenon called "apical dominance" ... Read More »

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How do I prune red tip petunias?

Pruning StemsConsistently perform deadhead pruning on your petunia. This means that as flowers become spent, pinch them off. Deadheading prevents the plant from wasting energy on the creation of se... Read More »

Are Mexican petunias toxic to horses?

Mexican petunia, or ruellia brittoniana, poses no threat to horses or livestock. Plants reach heights of up to three feet tall. These purple-blooming perennials adapt readily to adverse conditions,... Read More »

How do I prune Mexican heather?

Water the Mexican heather thoroughly before pruning, to support the plant. Prune Mexican heather in the winter, when the plant is dormant. This causes the least damage to the plant. Use sharp pruni... Read More »

How do i prune a mexican bird of paradise?

TimingPrune a Mexican bird of paradise in the late winter or early spring. Pruning improves the plant's appearance, but also increases the susceptibility to disease.MethodTrim a Mexican bird of par... Read More »