How to Prune Mahonia Aquifolium?

Answer Mahonia aquifolium is a slow-growing species of Berberis shrub also commonly known as Oregon Grapeholly. The shrub is evergreen with multi-season interest provided by yellow blooms in the later spr... Read More »

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When do you prune mahonia?

Prune mahonia in spring after the berries have dropped. Remove the older leggy branches from the top of the shrub for a layered look. New limbs will sprout below where the branch was cut back.Refe... Read More »

The Mahonia Species?

Mahonias are small- to large-sized shrubs with evergreen leaves divided into many spiny leaflets and are closely related to barberries. Native to North America, Central America and Asia, mahonias h... Read More »

Is the mahonia poisonous?

The creeping mahonia is a member of the barberry family of plants and contains the alkaloids berberine and oxyacanthin. These two alkaloids are toxic to cattle who consume the leaves and stems, and... Read More »

Are mahonia x media 'charity' roots invasive?