How to Prune Japanese Red Feather Maple Shrubs?

Answer Japanese maple cultivars are categorized largely by their foliage. The Dissectum group has deeply dissected leaves. The Red Feather variety, introduced in 1996, bears red, lacy foliage and has a so... Read More »

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How do I prune a Japanese maple tree?

ShapingThin branches during the winter to create an "open-vase" shape. Cut out branches that cross over each other or grow toward the trunk and remove branches that detract from the tree's natural ... Read More »

How do I prune a dwarf Japanese maple?

Why PrunePrune to control your dwarf Japanese maple's shape and growth and to thin dead or crossed branches to prevent rubbing. Cut above a bud or where one branch is attached to another branch--n... Read More »

How do I prune red Japanese maple trees?

TimingChoose an appropriate time to prune your maple. Japanese maples should not be pruned until they are fully established, after about two to three years. Prune in winter, when the tree's structu... Read More »

How to Prune Green-Leaf Japanese Maple Trees?

Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are striking small ornamental trees or large shrubs with elegant branching and lacy canopies. There are at least several dozen cultivars that start with green leaves... Read More »