How to Prune Hoya Carnosa?

Answer Hoya carnosa, a tropical perennial vine, blooms in showy pink and white flowers. Commonly known as wax plant, it is sensitive to temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is grown indoors out... Read More »

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Can hoya plants go outside?

The hoya plant is a woody evergreen vine that is sensitive to cold temperatures below 40 degrees F. The plant is commonly grown indoors as a houseplant but can be placed outdoors in USDA growing zo... Read More »

What does the word hoya mean?

Hoya can mean the genus of a flower but it is perhaps most commonly associated with the athletics teams of Georgetown University. Though a bulldog is the school mascot, "hoya" in this sense comes f... Read More »

How to Clean Hoya Filters?

Hoya filters, divided into general, colored and special effect photography filter categories, are manufactured in different grades without coatings or with coatings applied to both sides of the opt... Read More »

How to Plant Hoya Cuttings?

Hoya (Hoya carnosa) is appropriately nicknamed wax plant because of the plant's thick, waxy, dark green leaves. With proper care and adequate sunlight, hoya will quickly wrap itself around a trelli... Read More »